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Death penalty: rising consensus for a moratorium at the UN



Death penalty: rising consensus for a moratorium at the UN

Support for the moratorium on the death penalty is rising at the UN: a record number of countries approved the resolution on 16th December calling for the moratorium of executions in the view to fully abolishing them. 123 States out of 193 UN Members voted in favor, 38 sided against and 24 abstained. 8 countries were absent. In 2018, the resolution had received 121 consents.

The resolution is the eighth since 2007 when a similar text proposed at the initiative of Italy received 104 votes. The resolutions of the General Assembly are not binding but have strong moral and political value. This time, Mexico and Switzerland put the text on the negotiating table on behalf of an interregional task force. 77 co-sponsors.

"The 2018 result is improving, great satisfaction from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and thanks to the Comunità di Sant’Egidio, Nessuno Tocchi Caino and Amnesty Italia", said on Twitter the Deputy Foreign Minister Marina Sereni, also addressing the three NGOs that work in support of the initiative.

Among the 123 votes in favor, those of Djibouti, Jordan, Lebanon and South Korea were a "first time". Congo, Guinea, Nauru and the Philippines, which in 2018 had spoken out against, this year joined the vote in favor while Yemen and Zimbabwe have moved from opposition to abstention.