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Sereni opens the Assembly of the Parties to the IDLO at the Farnesina



Sereni opens the Assembly of the Parties to the IDLO at the Farnesina

"The rule of law is now more essential than ever, as the effectiveness of the measures adopted by Governments in order to 'rebuild better' after the pandemic depends on the ability of Institutions to be transparent, effective and accountable." This was stated by Deputy Minister Marina Sereni in her opening speech at the Farnesina of the Assembly of Parties of the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), an intergovernmental organization based in Rome that has as its exclusive mandate the promotion of the rule of law in developing countries, in order to strengthen their legal capacity and regulatory framework related to sustainable development.

"In line with the 2030 Agenda, and in particular with one of its Sustainable Development Goals, SDG16 - explained the Deputy Minister - we believe that only through stronger institutions will it be possible to reduce inequalities and at the same time promote sustainable, equitable and truly inclusive development. In fact, to promote the creation of societies that live in peace and according to a sustainable model, it is necessary to make progress in fundamental areas such as justice, human rights and accountability. It is for this purpose that Italy is particularly committed to the fight against all forms of discrimination to promote the rights of women and children, to protect the rights of the disabled, to establish a universal moratorium against the death penalty, to protect freedom of religion and belief and the rights of persons belonging to religious minorities, to combat human trafficking".

The event, hosted again by the Farnesina after last year's interruption, is an opportunity for a frank discussion among member states about the future policies of the organization and the important issues it deals with. Moreover, in recent years, Italy has worked to consolidate the role and activities of IDLO, whose growing relevance is now an important component of the hub of international organizations based in Rome. Translated with (free version)