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Statement by President Mattarella on the occasion of the World Human Rights Day



Statement by President Mattarella on the occasion of the World Human Rights Day

The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, on the occasion of the World Human Rights Day, issued the following statement:

"The Day annually commemorates an event of exceptional significance: the adoption of the Universal Declaration by which the international community recognized at the highest level the inviolable nature of human dignity and laid the groundwork for the development, over the following decades, of the system of international conventions that strengthens the mechanisms for the protection of human rights.

The theme chosen to celebrate this anniversary, "Reducing inequalities, advancing human rights", makes us reflect on the obstacles - widespread in different parts of the world - to the full and effective enjoyment of fundamental freedoms by all. The persistence of inequalities that embrace the political, economic and social spheres contradicts, in fact, the principle of equity and generates intolerable discrimination. Moreover, the pandemic crisis has further widened existing gaps, exacerbating the plight of those in more vulnerable situations.

It is necessary today to reaffirm the universal, inalienable, indivisible and interdependent character of human rights, because their enjoyment by all is an indispensable condition for truly sustainable development.

Societies capable of offering opportunities for all to realize their full potential are more inclusive, free and prosperous societies, and therefore more resilient. Building and consolidating them is an arduous task, as well as a moral and legal duty to bear witness to every day."