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High Mountain Summit in Geneva

The first “High Mountain Summit”, dedicated to high mountain ecosystems threatened by ongoing climate change, closed today in Geneva at the World Meteorological Organization.

“This summit has placed the delicate mountain ecosystems at the center of world attention” commented Ambassador Gian Lorenzo Cornado, Permanent Representative of Italy to International Organizations in Geneva: “the high mountain ecosystems and in particular the glaciers represent in fact a precious reserve of fresh water, and they are located near the most densely populated areas of the world In fact, it is estimated that more than 1 billion people depend on water from glaciers at high altitudes for their water supply, which is now rapidly melting due to the increase in temperature. As underlined by the President of the Council Giuseppe Conte on the occasion of his speech at the UN General Assembly, collective action is needed, aware of the impact that climate change is having on present and future generations”.

During the Summit, experts from around the world identified priorities to promote sustainable development of the mountain environment and methods to reduce the risks of natural disasters in the most exposed areas. The Italian delegation was led by Gen. Silvio Cau of the Aeronautica Militare, Permanent Representative at the World Meteorological Organization.

At the end of the Summit a “Call for Action” was adopted, addressed to Governments around the world for the adoption of targeted actions, through appropriate scientific and legislative instruments.

The “Call for Action” calls for the adoption of shared systems for measuring the phenomena in progress and the provision of new knowledge of meteorology and climatology, for the benefit of all the populations involved.

Click on the link for details of the Call for Action: