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G20; Vice Minister Sereni, build a future focussing on people, the planet, and prosperity

“Covid-19 is the umpteenth example of how much interdependence is a decisive factor, with the enormous impact the virus has had on all the G20 Countries, as well as developing and emerging Countries in Africa, the Mediterranean, and Latin America”. Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marina Sereni, said as much at the T20 Inception Conference, and added: “The pandemic has speeded up the social and economic dynamics already in progress, nationally and globally. Their effects, first and foremost growing inequality, threaten to become unsustainable”.

“In this context,” Vice Minister Sereni explained, “action must be taken on the three pillars that are behind Italy’s G20 Presidency: people, the planet, and prosperity. First of all people, because this unprecedented health, economic, and social crisis is mainly a threat to our lives, jobs, and social relations. The prospects are worsening, especially for the younger generations. And so, people must be put back at the centre of the international political agenda, safeguarding their health as well as fully reaffirming their economic and social rights”.

The Vice Minister then continued, “The planet is our common home. Protecting it is a common, global responsibility. Key questions like climate change, soil degradation, and the loss of biodiversity, have been the focus of the G20 agenda for some time. If we want to be successful we need to tackle these priorities immediately. Finally, prosperity – because the health of people and the planet cannot be separated from ensuring wellbeing in general terms. A more sustainable and a more prosperous world do not contradict one another. Technological innovation and the digital revolution can, in fact, reduce man’s impact on the environment, leading to greater equality and promoting poverty reduction”.

“Today more than ever, as referred to by President Mattarella as well, we are called upon to be builders of the future”. Vice Minister Sereni concluded. “This is a unique opportunity that calls for everyone’s commitment and involvement”.

The T20 is a think-tank network of representatives of the G20 Member States, with the aim of contributing to the G20 process and to global economic governance by means of analysis and policy proposals.